Your expertise deserves the best of artificial intelligence

We invest to develop the products of entrepreneurs who want to impact their sector by designing and developing their future product.

Our method

We co-design and develop the products of tomorrow thanks to artificial intelligence.

The team

Complementary talents at the service of products

Christophe Tricot

CEO & co-founder

Bertrand Boré


Stéphane Messika


Stéphanie Le Garrec

Lead Design

Jérémy Grimault

Lead Product

Vincent Lemeltier

Lead AI


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WeOptimeye: Cataract Surgery in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

A preview webinar to discover our solution dedicated to ophthalmic surgeons and their teams to choose and place the best implants.

Ceebios and its BiOMIg platform

BiOMIg (Bio-inspired Materials Open Innovation Generator), a shared infrastructure for open innovation in biomimicry, aims to accelerate responsible innovation inspired by life in the field of materials.

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